Working moms will be among the biggest beneficiaries of new AI technology.

While concerns remain about the future impact on work, there’s no denying that free AI technologies like ChatGPT and Bard have already benefited workers, especially those whose jobs are primarily online. Gabriela Covay, California-based founder and managing director Bright Valley Marketingbelieve that “mompreneurs” will experience the most significant benefits as advances in artificial intelligence help conserve their scarcest resources: timeAs a result, she predicts a surge in the number of mothers running their own businesses in the coming years.

In New York, 36 percent of businesses are owned by women, which equates to 757,816 businesses. Ms Kovaj expects a 10 per cent increase in women-owned businesses over the next five years. This projection indicates that by 2028, the number of “Mom Entrepreneurs” in New York State will increase to 833,598.

Some of the main ways AI is saving time for entrepreneurial moms right now are:

1. As a business assistant:

a) ChatGPT and Bard can act as a sales assistant, helping create great landing page content for sales pages, while also being able to create ad copy, etc.

b) AI can more effectively complete key tasks such as researching blog topics or providing market research, helping to define target personas, brainstorming for new campaigns, new products, and draft business plans.

c) ChatGPT and Bard are also good at editing! You can prompt them to edit sentences or paragraphs to make them sound more concise, compelling, or unique.

d) Use artificial intelligence as a social media assistant. “My team and I have never been good at social media.But since ChatGPT, we have started creating posts to engage with existing and potential customers, especially on LinkedIn’, Ms Covey said. It can also be used to make social media pages and create YouTube copy.”However, I do recommend always fact-checking what AI comes up with – and always blending the content with your brand’s unique style“.

e) Use it as a business advisor. “If I am faced with a difficult business decision, I sometimes turn to ChatGPT for advice; it helps me weigh the pros and cons of the best path forward depending on my goals

2. Summarize industry articles:

In business, with countless articles published each week by experts, finding the time to read them in depth can be a challenge. Previously, there would have been concerns about losing critical information. However, the use of AI tools to condense and highlight the points most relevant to the business has now allayed these concerns. Additionally, many industry experts regularly post tips on YouTube. For those business owners with limited time, some ChatGPT plugins can summarize any YouTube video, answer questions about it, and give specific timestamps when asked.

3. Create an Excel formula:

Many business owners rely on Excel (or similar software) to manage their finances, even when working with an outside accounting firm. AI now provides instant snapshots of essential financial aspects, such as short-term cash flow, and highlights areas that require immediate attention, all within Excel.

4. Fix errors in the code:

Interactive assets are frequently incorporated into our marketing campaigns, each unique and resulting in unique challenges, mostly in the form of coding issues.By utilizing AI to identify and resolve these errors, we have saved a lot of time, especially in communicating with developers’ Ms Covey said.

5. Curate Spotify playlists and YouTube videos:

Sometimes the office playlist can get monotonous. spotify music Solve this problem by generating engaging AI-generated playlists that teams can tailor to their collective musical tastes“.

But it’s not just work-related AI software that’s saving moms time. AI is playing a beneficial role in freeing up time outside of work, which in turn means women business owners can devote more time to their business…

6. Meal arrangements:

As a busy mother of two young children, Ms. Covay is constantly looking for ways to simplify her life. After discovering Google’s Bard, she started asking for easy-to-prepare, healthy meal ideas (and there were a lot of them!) tailored to her kids’ preferences. Since then, she has relied on Bard for every new meal, streamlining a previously cumbersome meal-planning process that involved searching for recipes, brainstorming ideas, compiling a list of meal options, and documenting necessary ingredients.

We are witnessing a transformative shift in the entrepreneurial world as AI technology becomes a powerful equalizer for working mothers. By simplifying tasks and freeing up valuable time, AI is lowering business barriers for women and helping them focus more on growing their businesses.This newfound efficiency is expected to inspire and empower more women to start their own businesses, driving a vibrant and diverse business landscapesaid Gabriela Covay of Bright Valley Marketing.

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