“My administration is committed to protecting our environment and our quality of life,” said Supervisor Joseph Saladino.

Oyster Bay Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino, Councilwoman Vicki Walsh and Town Clerk Richard LaMarca announced the upcoming green infrastructure upgrade to Fireman’s Field, the largest parking lot in downtown Oyster Bay. Funded entirely with federal funds, the project will improve water quality, alleviate flooding and provide new paved ground for commuters and downtown shoppers.

“My Administration is committed to protecting our environment and our quality of life. The Fireman’s Field Restoration Project will both improve drainage in flood-prone areas and protect the environment by addressing stormwater runoff, all while supporting the environment through new landscaping Small village,” said Supervisor Joseph Saladino. “What’s more, this program is funded entirely from federal funds distributed through the American Rescue Program—not from your town taxes.”

The restoration project will mitigate flooding within the facility by improving stormwater storage, implement environmentally sound practices to minimize the impact of non-point source pollution on Oyster Bay Harbor, and provide more functional and aesthetically pleasing parking facilities for residents and visitors to Oyster bay.

“We’re working hard to create a greener, more environmentally friendly Fireman’s Field for local commuters and the community at large,” said Councilwoman Vicki Walsh. “This project will help revitalize the area both functionally and aesthetically, at no additional cost to taxpayers.”

“Fireman’s Field improvements will not only improve access to our beautiful Theodore Roosevelt Park, but will also bring much-needed water quality improvements to the region at no additional cost to taxpayers. These upgrades will be a huge benefit to our residents Change!” added Town Clerk Richard LaMarca.

Fireman’s Yard is designated as the O-6 parking lot and provides parking for visitors and employees of the Oyster Bay Long Island Rail Station, downtown Oyster Bay, and for Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Park. It also provides a competition arch for the local fire service’s training team and serves as a fairground for Oyster Bay’s year-round events.

Photo Credit: Town of Oyster Bay

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