2023 marks the return of their full summer campaign, while also introducing some exciting new content.

After having to limit their extracurricular activities during the COVID-19 pandemic, Kenwall Day Camp in Melville, NY Delighted to announce that 2023 marks the return of their full summer program – as well as introducing some exciting new ones – the camp staff and management couldn’t be happier.

Located at 100 Drexel Avenue, Kenwal Day Camp, open to children of all ages, was originally established in 1957; it was purchased by the Feinstein family in 1978 and has remained with them ever since.The camp is seasonal and one of the only summer-only day camps on Long Island, there are no winter, spring or fall programs

Kenwal Day Camp employs approximately 400 staff to care for 750 children who attend daily throughout the summer program, which runs from June 26 to August 18. The camp is set on 20 acres and the summer program is constantly evolving based on suggestions from campers.

According to Howard Feinstein, director and owner of Kenwal, activities that have been put on hold during the pandemic include attending Broadway shows; this summer, older campers will have the opportunity to experience both. MJ: musical theaterfeaturing the music of Michael Jackson, and once upon a time againa musical comedy based on a popular Britney Spears song.

“These are evening shows in Manhattan for campers ages 12 and up,” Feinstein said. “The kids stay at camp all day and then they stay here and we give them dinner and then we take a luxury coach to the city to see a Broadway show.”

Feinstein points out that the same age group can also go to the South Street Seaport, a New York City neighborhood featuring shops, restaurants and events.

“We do all kinds of things with campers at the South Street Seaport, including attending Madame Tussauds and the many other fun activities the area has to offer,” he said. “Before the pandemic, the kids really liked this. It was like a trip to Broadway, where the kids stayed for dinner after camp, and then we took the coach into town.”

Senior campers also have the opportunity this year to take an extended trip to Niagara Falls to see one of New York State’s most stunning and breath-taking natural wonders, as well as participate in other fun activities in the area.

“The 5-day, 4-night trip to Niagara Falls is part of our ‘Extreme Teens’ program, which is also for children 12 and older,” Feinstein said. “In addition to experiencing the wonders of the falls first-hand, kids will also experience the Cave of the Winds, the Hockey Hall of Fame, the Toronto Zoo and more.”

Campers can also head to Citi Stadium in Queens to catch a New York Mets baseball game; again, these excursions take place outside normal camp hours for nighttime games, which Feinstein says are fun for the kids much.

But don’t let all these exciting activities for older campers make you think that the younger Kenwal Day Camp attendees are in any way neglected. There are plenty of activities for young people of all ages to do, Feinstein said, such as sports programs that include ropes courses, bungee trampolines, swimming pools, ziplines, cargo climbing nets, water slides and more to help keep campers physically engaged .

There are also plenty of arts and crafts programs, such as the Edible Art Zone, which lets kids unleash their inner artist while creating delicious meals.

Feinstein said the need to scale back activities at Kenwall Day Camp — which was never closed but was still forced to drastically reduce their attendance — during the pandemic was disappointing, and he said they have now Returning to capacity, campers are in for a treat when things finally get back to normal.

“To suspend these activities in order to operate and stay open … well, it’s a blessing to be able to open, but it will be amazing to finally get the kids back to normal,” he said. “Just watching the kids get together again, without the parents, without the phones and the electronics, and just doing all the things we did as kids, it’s amazing. Instead of sitting at home, they’re out in the fresh air. It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to serve them that way again.”

To learn more about Kenwall Day Camp, call 631-694-3399 or visit https://www.kenwaldaycamp.com.

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