Southold Town Police will be participating in the New York State Governor’s Transportation Safety Committee’s “Buckle Up New York” event through Sunday, June 4th. Police will set up checkpoints across the town to “enforce and draw attention to the use of seat belts by motorists and passengers alike.”

• A Southold man told police on May 16 that $850 had been fraudulently withdrawn from his debit card account. The man contacted his bank, which issued a new card. No further information.

• On May 21, a New Suffolk resident told police that there were “multiple vehicles” on New Suffolk Beach without parking passes. Police responded and issued parking citations to three vehicles that did not have their permits displayed.

• During a routine patrol on May 21, an officer observed 10 to 15 motorcycles traveling at high speed on Route 48 near Wickham Avenue in Mattituck. The officer said the lead motorcycle was traveling at 139 mph and he was unable to stop it. Other motorcycles stopped in response to police orders, while others drove off. The official was unable to determine which motorcycles were traveling at high speeds.

Those named in the police report have not been convicted of any crime or offense. Charges against them may later be reduced or dropped, or they may be found not guilty.

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