or is it?

An incident last week in upstate New York required a whole team effort from members of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

A video from the Essex County town of Wilmington, about 12 miles northeast of Lake Placid, captured a predator killing a deer in someone’s driveway.

“The incident was reported to DEC Wildlife with an eyewitness account of the incident and the mysterious predator,” DEC said in a Facebook post“A DEC wildlife biologist responded to the scene and set up a tracking camera to look over the carcass in the hopes of getting some video as the predator returns.”

DEC shared some clues at the scene that helped investigators identify the animal:

  • This deer is a young female, about 80-100 lbs. – In the Adirondacks, there aren’t many predators big enough to take prey that big.
  • The right front shoulder and hip were eaten away.
  • There is a place on the lower part of the neck, just behind the chin, that was damaged by a predator during the attack.
  • The predator tries to cover or “cache” the carcass, leaving scratches from its claws in the dirt around the deer’s head.

“Spoiler alert, this is a bobcat,” the NY DEC wrote in the “comments” section of the Facebook post.

To watch a video of the DEA’s incident, click here.

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