A developer plans to build nearly 600 units within a 20-mile radius of Syracuse, hoping to take advantage of a computer chip factory in the town next door.

A LLC called Landmark Challenger proposes 590 units in Lysander, Syracuse.com Report. If approved, it could become one of the largest housing projects in Onondaga County’s recent history.

The $150 million project, called Melvin Farms, will be located on 292 acres in a vacant lot off Highway 370 between Hayes Road and Cold Springs Road. In addition to the housing component, the developer will pay more than $2 million for public sewerage improvements, some of which will support nearby communities.

It’s unclear who the developers behind the LLC are.The address is registered with a building in Cohoes that is also registered with Trinity Building and Construction Management, among others; Trinity did not immediately respond to a request for comment real deal.

Homes come in a variety of forms and will all be sold at market rates. The project plans to provide 134 apartments for the elderly, 168 garden apartments, 164 townhouses and 17 single-family homes. The development will also feature a clubhouse and swimming pool.

The zoning of the site is beneficial to the developer as it allows for the approval of specific functions if public improvements such as sewerage are made. In this case, the benefit is increased density.

While housing does not require zoning changes, the City Planning Board still requires a site review. It is unclear whether the developer will receive tax breaks for the project, which it hopes to begin in the next few months.

There are bound to be some who are against this project. The opposition killed a 2015 proposal for just 400 units at the same site; those traffic problems will only be worse this time around.

Considering that Micron Technology’s computer chip factory will be located in Clay, this could be a beneficial development. This development can be used to support the people working in the plant.

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