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According to statistics, 6 of the 15 fastest growing cities in the nation are in Texas updated figures From the U.S. Census Bureau. Texas, the only state with more than three cities, leads the rest of the state in both percentage change and pure digital growth.

U.S. Census Bureau Chart
(U.S. Census Bureau)

Central Texas takes center stage as The Three Fastest Growing Cities in Texas Both are in the suburbs of Austin. George Town tops the list for the second year in a row, with its population growing by 14.4% in 2022. Santa Cruz, Calif., came in second, but was followed by Kyle and Leander, which both saw population increases of 11.9 percent.

San Antonio is also growing rapidly. The city added 18,889 people last year, making it the third fastest-growing city in the country.

Austin leads in percentage gains, while the Dallas-Fort Worth Mets win in pure numbers. The region added 170,396 people, the largest increase of any metro in the country. Fort Worth added 19,170, more than any other city. Even small cities are pushing the envelope. Little Elm, located on the northern end of Lewisville Lake near Prosper, saw its population increase 8 percent to 55,357, the fourth-highest in the country.

U.S. Census Bureau Chart
(U.S. Census Bureau)

Not to be outdone, the Houston-Woodlands-Sugar Land metro area added 124,281 residents last year, the second-largest increase. Houston is the largest city in Texas and the fourth largest city in the nation with 2.3 million residents. (Dallas and Fort Worth combined will match the total.)

In its first year, all four of the largest cities in the Texas Delta — Dallas, Austin, Houston and San Antonio — were among the top 10 nationally by population.

The state also leads in housing growth. Harris County added 32,700 units, 4,600 more than second-ranked Maricopa County, Arizona. Travis County came in third, adding nearly 28,000 new units last year.

New boomtowns are popping up every day. On a percentage basis, Rockwall County, Texas, had the second-largest increase in housing inventory, with a 7.4 percent increase in the number of homes last year.

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