The famous seaside resort returns at the intersection of luxury and adventure to create memories that last a lifetime.

In July 2022, Safe Harbor Marinas acquired Gurney’s Star Island Resort & Marina in Montauk, New York. After nine months of investment and preparation, the company announced the official return of the famous Montauk Yacht Club.

This reimagined landmark on a peninsula in the middle of Montauk Lake has begun welcoming guests with world-class waterfront hospitality that blends luxury, adventure and a connection to the water.

“The history of the Montauk Yacht Club is as rich as its location. Our teammates in Montauk and across the country have been working hard to prepare for this moment. We are extremely honored and excited to bring the Montauk Yacht Club back to Long to her many patrons and the tens of thousands of boating families in our region,” said Baxter Underwood, Safe Harbor Marinas CEO.

First launched in 1928, this legendary destination has undergone an extensive renovation that breathes new life into its extraordinary spaces. On 35 acres of land, the hotel has 107 stylish rooms, 3 swimming pools, 2 exquisite restaurants, indoor and outdoor bars, tennis and pickleball courts, private beach, and more than 200 swimming pools that can accommodate up to 300 feet A slippery boat for boats. This irreplaceable location is the ultimate getaway to the thriving island and cultural icons of Long Island’s East End.

“We are eager to introduce the world to luxurious beachside hospitality at this incredible hotel,” said regional managing director Alton Chun. “It’s about world-class food and music, right next to private sandy beaches and sparkling calm waters; and endless adventure beyond.”

About Montauk Yacht Club

The Montauk Yacht Club is an iconic luxury oceanfront resort and marina. For more information, please visit:

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