Construction on the Loop and Meadowbrook Parkway suspension bridges will be suspended; Shelter Island Ferry Plaza will be closed through the fall to minimize disruption to travel.

Gov. Kathy Hochul announced that work will be suspended at three Long Island Department of Transportation construction sites ahead of the unofficial start of summer over Memorial Day weekend to ease travel conditions for beachgoers and tourists throughout the summer. These project sites, including the suspension bridges on the Loop and Meadowbrook Parkway in Nassau County, and the Shelter Island South Ferry Terminal in Suffolk County, are in the heart of Long Island’s festive summer.

“Visitors from all over the world come to Long Island to enjoy our world-famous beaches, scenic wonders and attractions,” Governor Hochul said. “By pausing construction on these projects this summer, we’re ensuring residents and visitors spend less time in their cars and more time enjoying these attractions with family and friends.”

Loop and Meadowbrook Parkway Suspension Bridge

Extensive improvements are being made to two historic bridges and traffic patterns are returning to normal. A $13.1 million project has been underway since last fall to install new bridges on the Loop Parkway suspension bridge on Long Creek in the town of Hempstead and the Meadowbrook State Parkway suspension bridge on the Sloop Channel. Galvanized steel bridge deck. The new riding surface will improve the reliability and resilience of these structures to extend their life.

Over the past seven months, the eastbound span of the Loop Parkway and the midsection of both spans of the Meadowbrook Parkway have been completed.

The traffic diversion will be re-established in mid-September as DOT works to complete the remaining stretches by spring 2024.

Built in 1934, these bridges are vital to beach trips and South Shore commuters.

Shelter Island Ferry Plaza Redevelopment Project

DOT’s reconstruction of southern access at the Shelter Island South Ferry on Interstate 114 in North Haven Village will also be suspended for the summer. Raising the road to meet the ferries’ new dock elevations, construction of new bulkheads, raising of adjacent car parks, and additional drainage works to improve flood resistance were all part of the scope of the project.

Initial construction work on the $1.2 million project, along with utility cleanup, will begin in late 2022. Major work will resume in the fall, with full completion expected in summer 2024.

The Shelter Island South Ferry has been ferrying people to and from Shelter Island since the 1790’s. It started out using rowboats to traverse the Shelter Island Sound and has grown through five generations of family ownership into a thriving company with three ferries. As of 2022, it has been listed on the New York State Register of Historic Preservation of Business.

Traffic Circle Navigation Guide

Motorists driving to Jones Beach State Park or Robert Moses State Park this summer will encounter traffic circles located around the water tower at the center of those parks. These intersection circles guide traffic in a counterclockwise direction, helping traffic flow smoothly while reducing congestion.

Drivers are reminded of these important road rules:

  • Before entering and when passing the circle, pay attention to traffic signs and pavement markings to determine the correct lane.

  • Traffic within the roundabout has the right of way.

  • Vehicles wishing to enter should yield and come from your left.

  • Do not change lanes in the roundabout.

  • When you are near exits and exits, use the right turn signal.

The same tip applies to all roundabouts and traffic circles throughout Long Island, especially on the East Side.

New York Department of Transportation Commissioner Marie Therese Dominguez said, “Long Island has world-class beaches and a thriving tourism industry, and our goal is to help communities and businesses continue to thrive this coming summer. We’re happy to offer motorists a break and we’ll be firmly in the Sound of Summer Show up in the rearview mirror.”

Suffolk County Executive Steve Veron said, “Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start to summer, and here on Long Island we have world-class beaches and an abundance of outdoor recreation, and we love soaking up every bit of the sun with friends. I want to thank Governor Hochul for pausing construction to keep our It makes it easier for residents to enjoy the summer in Suffolk.”

Discover Long Island President and CEO Kristen Reynolds said, “Long Island’s iconic summer drives our $6.3 billion tourism economy by attracting visitors from around the world to experience what Long Islanders have fun in our backyard. The Governor’s plan to suspend roadwork during the summer will help ease the Our roads are often burdened during the summer months. This peak travel period will make for an even more enjoyable Long Island summer for tourists and locals alike.”

For the latest travel information, call 511 and visit Or download the free 511NY mobile app.

Motorists are urged to plan accordingly and drive responsibly in work zones. Fines for speeding in work zones are doubled. Two or more convictions for speeding violations in a work zone may result in the suspension of an individual’s driver’s license.

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