Casino resorts could make Texas the number one tourist state in the country. That’s according to Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, but Texas lawmakers aren’t backing it.

The Texas House of Representatives has rejected Rep. Charlie Geren’s proposal to open the Texas metropolitan area to casinos, but the proposal goes further than similar proposals in the past, the Dallas Morning News Report.

The proposal calls for a referendum in the Nov. 7 election that would allow Texas voters to decide whether casino resorts should be legal. The legislation was dropped after it became apparent the Texas House did not have enough votes to ratify it.

Cuban said that decision was a mistake.billionaire business tycoon and shark tank The star said there are no year-round attractions in Texas that make it a “dream” destination for large events.

“Ask your out-of-state friends how often they save to (bring) their family to Texas,” Cuban told the outlet. “Ask anyone how often they want to come here in the summer. You already know the answer.”

The gambling aspect is less important than overall tourism, he said. Casino resorts could make way for more Broadway-style shows, sporting events and children’s entertainment, he said.

Still, Cuban and other gambling advocates have scored small victories. The House of Representatives approved legislation to legalize mobile sports betting in Texas by referendum, but given the lack of support in the Texas Senate, it is unlikely to gain a seat on the November 7 ballot.

Casino company Las Vegas Sands has made a big push to build casino resorts in the Lone Star State, hiring an army of Austin lobbyists and donating millions to sway Texas lawmakers.

— Quinn Donoghue

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