During the award-winning WWII Camp Weekend, vintage tanks will rumble by while WWII reenactors attract visitors.

Long Islanders will be able to commemorate the memory of their home during the award-winning WWII Camp Weekend inside Old Bethpage Village Restoration, as vintage tanks rumble by and WWII reenactors draw visitors. Hero, 1303 Round Swamp Road, Old Bethpage, Saturday, June 10 and Sunday, June 11 10:00am to 4:00pm

Hosted by the Museum of American Armor and the Nassau County Department of Parks, Recreation and Museums, American Armor will face off against a replica German Tiger tank in a weekend display. Also on display are half-tracks, armored vehicles and cannons from field exercises, reminiscent of a time when liberty was mortally threatened. There will also be a half-track experience for visiting families.

Michael D. Sapraicone, the museum’s senior trustee, said, “The Armor Museum offers a powerful showcase that grows each year, keeping alive the legacy of our nation’s military and the gift of freedom they have given us. For many, this is An opportunity to reflect on the family members who have served our country.”

US WWII President Franklin Delano Roosevelt will visit the event as Roosevelt interpreter. The Armor Museum’s show will include simulated attacks, while reenactors will showcase uniforms, tactics and weapons from the era against an armored parade backdrop reminiscent of vintage newsreels from 80 years ago.

Dr. Libby O’Connell, History Channel’s emeritus historian, said, “This event is a unique opportunity for families to appreciate a chapter in world history that still shapes our lives. It deserves a visit for every American family, regardless of age.” Race and background, because this is the story of all of us.”

Admission is $15 for adults; $12 for children ages 5 to 12 (under 5 is free); $12 for seniors, volunteer firefighters and veterans.

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