According to Suffolk Police, 28-year-old James Jaronczyk of Massapequa went missing while boating in the Great South Sound on Sunday afternoon, May 7.

He fell into the water alone when his 22-foot Progression speedboat hit a surf, investigators said.

Over the next few days, family, friends and complete strangers scoured the waters and shorelines for any sign of him, with many deploying drones to aid in the search.

Finally, Jaronczyk’s body was located near Babylon by Suffolk Underwater Marine Rescue on Thursday, May 11, according to police.

“I have to thank everyone who helped bring him home, especially the Christian Ministry team – the search and rescue team. I can’t thank you enough!” said his brother Joseph Jaronczyk Facebook.

“We lost him too soon, but I know that James has been here in just 28 years than most people’s lifetimes.”

Jaronczyk graduated from Massapequa High School, where he played football and “fell in love with teamwork,” he writes obituary.

He later attended Kingsborough College, where he studied “all things marine”, including ship handling.

“He funded his education by running the town’s ‘pump boats,’ where he made many friends with similar sailing interests,” says his memorial.

After college, Jaronczyk joined the UA Local 1 plumbers union in New York City, before plumbing for schools in Nassau County.

He also obtained his plumber’s license and started his own plumbing business, as he recalls.

“All the while, he waited patiently for a call from FDNY because he was on the list as a firefighter,” his obituary said.

Shortly before his death, he was notified that he would be asked to join the department to work alongside his brother “as he wished”.

But relatives say Jaronchik’s real passion is boating.

“James’ rowing mentality directly influenced his adrenaline junkie spirit and thirst for speed,” his obituary read.

He eventually joined “Team Progression,” a two-boat OPA rowing team, and according to his memorial, he went on to win “trophy after trophy,” earning the title of one of the best helmsmen on the water. reputation.

He is a two-time “King of the Corner” and is the undefeated Northeast National Champion for two years in a row, “all his Class 7 racing brothers are crazy about”.

Jaronczyk’s family is working to establish a memorial fund that will donate all proceeds to the non-profit Christian Ministry Search and Rescue, according to a verified source. to fund me Activity.

“He was an amazing son, brother, uncle and friend with a heart as big as the ocean and an incredible love and generosity for everyone he met,” he wrote in his obituary.

Jaronczyk’s funeral is scheduled for Wednesday, May 17 at 9.30am at St William’s Priory Church in Seaford.

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