The affordable housing debate in Sag Harbor is back to square one after a judge struck down the village’s most recent affordable housing measure.

Eastside Village plotting next steps after Newsday judge rejects two initiatives ReportThe court decision was made a month ago, but it was only this week that the village council decided not to appeal.

Instead, Mayor Jason Larocca announced plans at a village meeting to hold community workshops to engage locals in efforts to rebuild affordable housing. The lame-duck mayor, who had berated some wealthy townspeople in his village for opposing the affordable housing measure, wanted the seminar to take place next month, but board members disagreed because some wanted to wait until the mayor was gone.

This is far from the first disagreement in Sag Harbor since the affordable housing measure was introduced a year ago. Village Trustee Aidan Corish, February Proposed review of local laws12claiming it can allow “unrestricted development”.

The judge cited an “incomplete environmental review” of the proposed action last month.This is by Save Sag Harbor october block adam porter’s 79-unit program. Community groups claim the village cut corners on required environmental reviews.

The $70 million, 106,000-square-foot project largely collapsed without breaking ground.two partners quit Citing the state of the economy, though the backlash against the project may not help.

Meanwhile, the affordable housing crisis in the Hamptons is as bad as ever. Those who work there in the summer and year round usually move in from places on the west side and can’t afford anything on the east side.

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