Kathryn Casey Quigley announced Thursday that she will step down as chair of the Southold Town Democratic Council, effective June 1.

Ms. Casey Quigley was first elected Chair of the Committee in January 2018. Her current term, expected to run until October 2024, was cut short for personal and professional reasons.

“I intend to stay involved and I’m really excited to help elect this year’s Democratic nominee,” Ms. Kathy Quigley said in a phone interview Thursday afternoon. “It’s about eating less when I’m running [Peconic Community School] and have a family. “

“It is an honor to serve on the Democratic Committee and the Town of Southold in this role,” she added. “I feel like we’ve accomplished a lot together in building the party, building the brand, raising more money, reaching more people, registering more voters and electing more Democrats.”

According to a press release from the Southold Democratic Committee, a special election is planned to fill Ms. Casey Quigley’s position by the end of the year. Following her departure, committee responsibilities will be shared between First Vice Chairs Sandra Benedetto, Alison Delaney and Candace Hall.

Ms. Casey Quigley said that while she will be stepping down as local party chair, she will remain politically active as a member of the town’s Democratic Party committee and continue as vice chair of the Suffolk County Democratic Party committee.

Although she says she has been politically active her entire life, she said she was not involved in local politics until the 2016 election of President Donald Trump. After that election, she said she wanted to “help turn the town of Southold blue”.

More Southhold voters are now registered as Democrats than Republicans after Democrats won six of the seven contested seats in the 2021 election, Ms Casey Quigley said she hoped she would convince local voters “They can make changes they believe in.”

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