Greg Williams is back on the ballot.

On May 3, a state Supreme Court judge invalidated the petition of Mr. Williams, a Mattituck businessman who announced in April that he would run as the Republican candidate for the Suffolk County Legislature. select.

In the decision, Judge Jerry Garguilo said the petitioner, Catherine Stark, was seeking an order declaring invalid a petition that Mr. Williams claimed was “ridden with fraud.” The judge’s decision effectively removed Mr Williams from the ballot.

Mr Williams appealed to the State Supreme Court Appellate Division and was told on Thursday morning that decision was overturned.

“I’m back on the ballot,” he said.

Ms. Stark is the Republican Party’s declared candidate for the legislature; Mr. Williams, a former Southold Township trustee, has no support as the party’s official choice and has said he will run a primary with her.

The primary will be held on June 27.

In a decision Thursday signed by court clerk Maria T. Fasulo, the appeals court wrote: “Stark has failed in her duty to demonstrate through clear and convincing evidence that the designation petition was riddled with fraud, or that Williams participated in or was accused of knowing about any fraudulent conduct.”

The decision put Mr Williams back on the ballot.

In an email late Thursday afternoon, Jesse Garcia, chairman of the Suffolk County Republican Party, slammed the appeals division’s decision and sharply attacked Mr. Williams.

“Greg Williams Showed His True Colors in This Case, Hiring Two Democratic Attorneys — Including Election Attorneys from the Local Democratic Committee — to Represent Him. Finds Mr. Williams Petition in Supreme Court After the book is riddled with fraud, it is outrageous that most of the appellate division’s decisions speak of unquestioned matters, the sole purpose of which seems to be to arrive at a pre-determined fixed verdict.

“Mr. Williams, however, has shown that his enthusiasm for getting on the ballot has sunk to such an extent that not even the RINO label can fully describe his actions. By hiring their clubhouse lawyers to sleep with the Democrats, Fully explained his motives and willingness to manipulate election laws and procedures.”

In an email to the Times Review media group, Mr Williams said: “As I promised earlier this week, my opponents and her political supporters have failed to prevent me from attending the June 27 primaries.

“The truth has prevailed. It proves that there is no room for lies, false accusations, mafia, and fake news. Voters now have a choice between me and an opponent who incompetently did all of these things. I will always stand by the truth. Voter commitment. Now I will work tirelessly, first to win this election, and then to serve my constituents.”

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