Related Urban Development Group and RocaPoint Partners are competing to develop a downtown Pompano Beach master plan for a 75-acre area between I-95 and the Dixie Freeway.

The Pompano Beach Community Redevelopment Agency announced last week that it had narrowed down its list of potential masterplan developers to Atlanta-based RocaPoint and the Miami-based urban development arm of the Related Group.

Their plans include adding apartments, a hotel, retail and offices. The CRA and the city held a public workshop Wednesday to unveil their master plan proposal and hear from city councilors and the public.

“The next step is to gather all the input and then go back to the two interviewees and start negotiating. So, we are now in the negotiating stage, going back and forth, trying to get them to commit on paper,” Pompano Beach CRA Director Nguyen Tran told real deal“It can take three to six months, sometimes a year.”

Any agreement negotiated with the selected downtown master planner will require final approval from the Pompano Beach City Commission.

Related and RocaPoint Respond to Formal Invitation to Negotiate Master Plan Agreement Between CRA and City pano beach Released last June. The CRA and the City own approximately 30 acres within the 75-acre master plan area.

Not all municipal land in a master plan area is contiguous, so master plan developers and cities need to develop plans to amass more land in the area. “We still have a lot of properties to acquire,” Tran said. “But there are enough continuous properties to start some development.”

Related, led by Chairman and CEO jorge perezand RocaPoint, led by Principal Phil Mays, each proposed a mixed-use master plan multifamily and commercial sections, but each has a different approach to modernizing Pompano City Hall.

Related will expand the existing City Hall and keep it on Civic Park at the southeast corner of Atlantic Avenue and Dixie Highway, next to the building that houses the City Library and Cultural Center.

Related's Pompano Beach Master Plan Rendering (Zyscovich Architects)
Related’s Pompano Beach Master Plan Rendering (Zyscovich Architects)

Roca Point Move the City Hall campus west to a new building at the northeast corner of Atlantic Avenue and I-95.

According to a press release announced on June 7, 2022, the city and the CRA own multiple parcels of land within the master plan area, ranging in size from one-fifth of an acre to 8.35 acres, including a combination of land along the 1-95 corridor in Pompano’s Invitation to negotiate a development plan.

RocaPoint proposes a two-phase mixed-use master plan that will deliver a new 150,000-square-foot municipal building as the first phase of City Hall, and 80,000 square feet of public space.

Rendering of RocaPoint Pompano Beach Master Plan
Rendering of RocaPoint’s Pompano Beach Master Plan (S9 Building)

Other masterplan components in the initial phase of RocaPoint will include a 150-room hotel, 1,500 multifamily units, 165,000 square feet of retail space and 210,000 square feet of office space. The second phase will add 125 hotel rooms, 550 multifamily units, 85,000 square feet of retail space and another 225,000 square feet of office space.

RocaPoint has proposed a construction timeline with the new town hall opening in 2027, the remainder of the first phase in 2028, and then the second phase in 2031.

The Related Group proposed a three-phase master development plan that begins with 1,120 residential units and 65,216 square feet of commercial space along MLK Boulevard between Dixie Expressway and I-95.

In the second phase, Related will construct 14,026 square feet of commercial space and expand the existing 61,456 square foot City Hall by 108,395 square feet, while increasing the number of on-site parking spaces from 404 to 705.

Related will build a 152-room hotel in phase three, along with 248 residential units, 58,850 square feet of commercial space and 168,800 square feet of office space.

The timetable submitted by Related shows that construction of the first phase will last from July 2025 to May 2027, the second phase will run from February 2027 to December 2028, and the third phase will start from September 2028. Runs until July 2030.

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