“My Plum Island National Monument Act is an important step forward in protecting this important area of ​​Suffolk County,” Lalotta said.

Rep. Nick Lalotta (NY-01) recently sent a letter President Biden called on the president to either express support for the Plum Island National Monument Act, which seeks to permanently preserve the island, or to designate the island as a national monument through the presidential authority conferred by the Antiquities Act of 1906.

“Plum Island is an important and unique ecosystem that is an important habitat for rare species and provides vital resources to nearby communities. My Plum Island National Monument Bill is a way to protect this important area in Suffolk important step,” Lalotta says“We have a responsibility to ensure that Plum Island’s unique ecosystem and cultural heritage is protected and preserved for future generations. As a champion of dialogue and preserving Suffolk County, I urge President Biden to support my legislation and protect Plum island.”

To read the full text of this letter, click here.


MarchLaLota introduces the Plum Island National Monument Act, which establishes Plum Island, New York, as a National Monument for the purposes of ecology, history, and discovery and celebration Our common cultural heritage.

Plum Island, NY is located in the Township of Southold, about three miles from Eastern, NY. In 1954, the Plum Island Animal Disease Center (PIADC) was established on the island and administered by the USDA.

In 2002, the Department of Homeland Security was tasked with continuing the operation. The laboratory conducts research on foreign animal diseases and works to prevent the introduction and spread of such diseases. After arousing great concern from the community, in 2005, PIADC was ordered to close and relocate to Manhattan, Kansas. The Departments of Agriculture and Homeland Security are still deconstructing PIADC.

The law originally required the Department of Homeland Security to sell Plum Island to the highest bidder, however, former Congressman Lee Zeldin successfully passed legislation to repeal that requirement. Assemblyman Lalotta’s legislation will ensure Plum Island’s natural habitat is protected and preserved for future generations.

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