More details are being released about the investigation into the disappearance of Tishman Speyer executive Anna Walsh.

One detail that became public last week was a ransom note sent to local police just six days after Walshe disappeared, the Boston Globe said. Report. The note was sent from a Gmail account shortly after 5 am on January 7th.

“We have so-called Ana walshe here…we have a deal worth $127,000…she screwed up…we have her here and if she doesn’t pay…then she’s never coming back we know The police and FBI are involved…good luck,” the note read.

Police have yet to determine who sent the note.

Walshe disappeared in early July 2022.Her husband Brian has been charged with murder He was arraigned last week for first-degree murder, misleading police and improper transport of a human body, allegedly mutilated.

Prosecutors have surveillance footage from Jan. 2 that shows Brian buying $450 worth of cleaning supplies at Home Depot, paying in cash and wearing a surgical mask and gloves. Police searched the home and found a bloody knife in the basement.

Bryan told investigators that Anna left home on New Year’s Day to go to work in Washington, D.C. Investigators found no evidence. However, they learned that her mobile phone had been inactive since December 31 and was not switched off until the early hours of January 2.

During last week’s arraignment, prosecutors claimed that Walshe’s marriage was falling apart and that Brian hired a private investigator because he suspected his wife was having an affair. Prosecutors also revealed that Brian was the sole beneficiary of a $2.7 million life insurance policy insured by Anna; the couple share three children.

Bryan has pleaded not guilty to the charges against him. He was detained without bail.

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