Take your stuff and get out! Or, in this case, we’ll take your stuff after you’re out.

Two Atlanta men who were hired by their landlord to assist with evictions allegedly returned later and stole the tenant’s electronics at gunpoint, WSB-TV report.

According to the outlet, Ring cameras allegedly captured the robbery that took place late last month.

Video footage shows several men working for WDS eviction services evicting tenants from their Angier Avenue home and leaving items in the driveway as a law enforcement officer looks on.

After the items were removed from the home, police left, but the two alleged attackers hid themselves behind some items belonging to the victim. The two then confronted the victim and his friend as they loaded items into the car, the outlet reported.

“The sheriff and the sheriff, they got out of the car and three guys came back and said ‘you guys screwed us up,'” the victim told the outlet. “All of a sudden, I started seeing guns coming out. My take is, people have been evicted, and now you’re going to go get their TV with a gun.”

As of last week, Atlanta police were still looking for the suspect.

“It was kicking people and they fell,” the victim, who declined to be named for safety reasons, told the media. “They were hiding behind dressers and under mattresses. I guess they’d come back after the sheriff left. But while we were there, they had to come down and say we’re going to draw our guns now.”

Anyone who assists in apprehending the suspect will receive a $2,000 reward.

The eviction process can sometimes go wrong. Recently in Philadelphia, A landlord-tenant officer shot a woman in the headRaising concerns about how the city’s court system sometimes evicts tenants by using the security details of unsworn law enforcement officers, inquirer report.

The shooting happened at the Girard Court apartment when a 35-year-old woman got into an argument with landlord-tenant officers who were serving eviction notices to the woman and her husband.

— Ted Glazer

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