It’s not exactly “Talking Heart,” but a New Mexico man’s conscience-stricken arrest after he confessed to killing his landlord in 2008 led to his arrest on suspicion of murder.

Apparently feeling guilty, Tony Ray Peralta, 37, of Roswell borrowed a cell phone at a store and called 911 to tell police he killed the man 15 years ago. killed his landlord, William Blodgett, and buried his body there, Fox News Report.

Police went to Peralta’s former home and found bones, false teeth and a boot under the floor of a separate room on the side of the house. The dentures were compared to Blodgett’s dental records and they matched exactly, according to police.

Citing court documents, the outlet said Peralta told investigators he had no motive for killing Blodgett, 69. He came forward because “his heart hurts” and because he felt guilty about the killing, according to Fox.

“[H]According to Fox, Peralta told the police that he is a good man and he did not deserve to be hurt by me. “I have no excuses. A lot of people have excuses, and I don’t.”

Peralta is represented by a public defender in the major crimes unit.

Blodgett’s family and girlfriend have not heard from him since December 2008. According to Fox, Peralta was initially a suspect in Blodgett’s disappearance after the two allegedly got into an argument. Blodgett may also have been trying to oust Peralta.

The investigation eventually cooled after police — who found no sign of foul play — interviewed people close to Blodgett, as well as his neighbors. A cadaver dog was also deployed at the property, but nothing was found.

— Ted Glazer

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