A deluge of building permits in recent months has residents and officials alike considering the future of East Hampton township development.

Council member Kate Rogers this week formed a task force aimed at examining possible amendments to the East Hampton Star zoning code Report. Oversized houses are one of the main problems.

“Over the past few years, we have experienced a development boom that is currently mandated by town ordinances, but unprecedented in quality, scale and scale,” Rogers told the board meeting.

At least 137 building permits have been issued in each of the past four months, with a peak of 190 in March, said Superintendent Peter Van Scoyochas, who called the trend “promising for a long-term resident like me.” It’s very disturbing to say.”

Rogers’ task force will first assess residential zoning and issues, including home size, vacant land, lot coverage and classification of natural grades and underground development. It will collect data on new home sizes, zoning board change requests and violations handled by local courts.

Rogers started the cause after an Amagansett resident launched a movement to limit development, then petitioned the board last month and called for a moratorium on major residential construction, an idea Rogers dismissed.

The task force includes Kathee Burke-Gonzalez, another council member, as well as the town’s chief building inspector and planning director. Rogers has nine years of experience on the Zoning Board, seven of which as vice chair.

The nearest Southold Town in North Fork Prohibition of building big houses In addition to the very large lot.Recently in the village of North Haven in Southampton propose stricter rules Used to clean mature trees, another tactic that can limit growth.

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Officials in East Hampton blasted Gov. Kathy Hochul’s housing agenda, which planning director Jeremy Samuelson said could lead to “the death of our community.”For East Hampton, Governor’s Housing Compact Goal Will Translate to about 600 new units in the community.

the proposal is throw in the cutting room floor last month.

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