“An important part of our Long Island community is our fishing and marine industry,” said Legislator Anker.

(L to R): Dorothy Cavalier, Suffolk Legislator Sarah Anker, NYSG Seafood Specialist Dr. Michael Ciaramella, NYSG Aquaculture Specialist Barry Udelson, CCE Fisheries Specialist Kristin Gerbino, NYSG Director Dr. Rebecca Shuford and Suffolk Legislator Al Krupski’s assistant, Derek Stein, at the New York Seafood Summit.

Suffolk County Legislator Anker and her Chief of Staff Dorothy Cavalier presented certificates of appreciation to Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County and Sea Grant, New York, for hosting the New York Seafood Summit.

“An important part of our Long Island community is our fishing and marine industry,” said Legislator Anker. “Using and protecting local resources is critical to the health of our oceans and our economy.”

The New York Sea Grant hosts the annual “New York Seafood Summit” in partnership with the Cornell Cooperative Extension, industry, academia and other professional seafood stakeholders. The goal of the summit is to bring together a group of passionate professionals with a vested interest in seafood to create active communication across all sectors of the New York seafood industry. Each year, the summit aims to highlight New York’s abundant seafood offerings and educate attendees about the delicious, diverse and versatile seafood available locally.

“NYSG is pleased to be working with partners, including the Cornell-Suffolk County Cooperative Extension (CCE), for the seventh annual New York Seafood Summit. The event at Riverhead is the final of three conferences held across the state , with a focus on ‘Innovation in Fisheries and Marketing in New York,'” said NYSG Director Dr. Rebecca L. Shuford. “Dynamic presentations and conversations benefited from the participation and perspectives of members of the commercial fishing industry, seafood retailers, extension experts, county and state legislators, and other interested stakeholders – resulting in forward-looking ideas and opportunities for cross-sectoral collaboration Proposal to support NY Seafood”

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