As part of the FY 2024 Budget, Governor Kathy Hochul has announced transformative measures to build a stronger health care system for New York State today and into the future. The enacted budget provides an additional $22 billion in multi-year investments to support New York State’s health care system, including an additional $1 billion in health care capital funding for providers and expanded health care for more than 7.8 million low-income New Yorkers Grant benefits.

“Through New York’s nation-leading health care system, we continue our important work of closing disparities and ensuring everyone in our state has access to the best health care possible,” Governor Hochul said. “These actions will improve the quality of our health care system, make access more equitable, and ensure we are adequately prepared to meet future health care needs across New York State.”

The budget enacted for FY 2024 includes a substantial increase in Medicaid reimbursement rates- a Inpatient hospital services increased 7.5 percent, nursing homes increased 7.5 percent, outpatient hospital services and assisted living providers increased 6.5 percent, Marking the largest growth rate in two decades.This transformational change to stabilize New York State’s health care system will result in $1.2 100 million annual total revenue In addition to the $500 million state investment to support financially struggling hospitals, health care providers stand to benefit as well.

budget offer A $1 billion multi-year healthcare capital plan to drive transformative healthcare investments, Includes $500 million to support technology and cybersecurity investments.

Budget Invest $1.7 billion to be fully funded this Consolidate Wadsworth Laboratories’ five unconnected sites into one site on the W. Averell Harriman campus in Albany by 2030. This integration will ensure that our nation’s leading public health research laboratories remain at the forefront of biomedical and environmental research critical to protecting the health of New Yorkers.

As part of Governor Hochul’s focus on health equity, this year’s budget includes Total investment of $419 million to improve coverage and expand access to preventive and primary care for Medicaid beneficiaries. These investments include funding for coverage of doulas, community health workers, dietitians, child therapy services, screening of children and pregnant women, access to supportive housing, and increased coverage of primary care, school-based health centers, and vaccinations.

The budget also includes Total investment of $120 million to expand Medicaid Beginning in FY 2025 so that more New Yorkers with disabilities can work and still qualify for Medicare.

Budget allocates $39 million to protect children in highest-risk areas of state from lead poisoning Reduce the risk of exposure to lead in a rental property. Local health departments will implement a new housing inspection and enforcement program requiring owners of two-family and multifamily rental units built before 1980 to certify their units are lead every three years in 24 high-priority and high-risk cities safe.

Budget invests heavily to strengthen EMS system. This includes an investment of $8 million to revitalize New York State’s emergency medical services system and a total investment of $36 million to increase Medicaid reimbursement rates for medical transportation.

The budget supports the creation of a New State-Leading Health Surveillance and Surveillance System Begin building a new platform by investing $28 million over the next two years to combine real-time health information with other critical data, such as social and chronic disease risk factors, to provide targeted and appropriate responses to public health crises and drive more Broad healthcare insights, with additional investments in increased connectivity to electronic health records.

The budget also includes Cigarette tax increase of $1.00, Reduce tobacco use – especially among young people – and encourage cessation. That would make New York the state with the highest cigarette tax in the nation.

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