The $4.5 million first phase includes construction of the Eugene Sayan Visitor Center and demolition of unused buildings.

Governor Kathy Hochul has announced the breaking of ground on the $20 million redevelopment of the Tesla Science Center in Wardenclyffe, Shoreham, Suffolk. The 16-acre site is a National Historic Landmark and home to the last surviving laboratory of famous inventor Nikola Tesla. The Tesla Science Center in Wardenclyffe is conceived as an international destination for visitors interested in Tesla’s legacy and science, technology and innovation. The $4.5 million first phase of the project included the construction of the Eugene Sayan Visitor Center and the demolition of approximately 110,000 square feet of unused buildings. Empire State Development supports the renovation of the historic site with a $1.25 million capital grant.

“Nikola Tesla’s visionary ideas and inventions were catalysts for scientific progress, and his laboratory is a testament to his innovative spirit,” Governor Hochul said“By preserving this historic site, we help ensure that future generations can learn from his accomplishments and be inspired to pursue their own breakthrough discoveries.”

“Nikola Tesla’s laboratory was the physical embodiment of imagination and creativity that changed the world,” Lieutenant Governor Antonio Delgado said. “This is a living reminder of his contributions to science and technology, and by protecting this site we can inspire future innovators to dream big and achieve great things.”

Nikola Tesla was an inventor and electrical engineer whose life-changing discoveries included alternating current (AC) power, Tesla coils, hydroelectric power, induction motors, and more. The Tesla Science Center in Wardenclyffe was opened to transform Tesla’s former laboratory into a center to showcase his innovative spirit and inspire the next generation of innovators. The center will offer tours as well as exhibits and educational programs exploring Tesla’s groundbreaking work.

The redevelopment of the Tesla Science Center is a multi-phase project that includes the Eugene Sayan Visitor Center, Museum, Science and Education Center, Business Accelerator and Entrepreneurship Center, and the restoration and preservation of Tesla’s iconic laboratory. The Eugene Sayan Visitor Center will provide a dedicated space for exhibits about the work and innovative methods of Nikola Tesla. It will offer on-site and online exhibits and programs that will allow visitors to discover Tesla’s legacy through educational and interactive experiences. When complete, the Tesla Science Center in Wardenclyffe will be a world-class destination, offering visitors of all ages an immersive experience to learn about Nikola Tesla and his discoveries, and promoting science education and Inspiring the next generation of inventors, scientists and engineers.

In addition to ESD funding, Governor Hochul Announce The Tesla Science Center was awarded $1.47 million as part of the New York State Council of the Arts (NYSCA) Small and Medium Capital Project Awards. The funds will support the stabilization and restoration of Nikola Tesla’s last permanent laboratory, designed by McKim, Mead and White.

Empire State Development President, CEO and Commissioner Hope Knight said, “Nikola Tesla’s legacy is a reminder of the power of human ingenuity and the importance of scientific research in solving the challenges of the modern world. The Tesla Science Center will be a destination for visitors to learn about Tesla’s inventions, while inspiring future innovators to push the boundaries of what is possible.” limit.”

Kevin Law, chairman of the Empire State Development Committee, said, “Rebuilding the Tesla Science Center is an investment in future innovation and progress. By preserving and growing Tesla’s legacy, we are supporting a new generation of entrepreneurs who will continue to drive transformational progress on Long Island and globally.”

Marc Alessi, executive director of the Tesla Science Center in Wardenclyffe, said, “We are delighted to have broken ground on the redevelopment of the Tesla Science Center in Wardenclyffe, but our work is not yet done. With the construction of the Eugene Sayan Visitor Center and the demolition of the first phase of vacant buildings, we are moving towards our vision of bringing The transformation of this historic site into an international destination for innovation and education. We encourage the community to continue to support us through volunteering and fundraising to help us achieve our goal of inspiring the next generation of innovators.”

New York State Arts Council Executive Director Mara Manus said, “NYSCA is pleased to support the renovation of Nikola Tesla’s historic McKim, Mead & White laboratory, a testament to creativity, experimentation and learning. This cultural center will inspire visitors from around the world to remember for a lifetime.”

Linda Armyn, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, Bethpage Federal Credit Union, Co-Chairs of the Long Island Regional Economic Development Council, and Dr. John Nader, President of Farmingdale State College, said, “Nikola Tesla’s laboratory is a testament to the power of science and technology to create a better world. The Tesla Science Center symbolizes the limitless potential of humanity, and LIREDC is proud to celebrate and reimagine the future.”

State Senator Anthony Palumbo Said, “Today’s groundbreaking ceremony is an important first step in the redevelopment of Nikola Tesla’s laboratory into the Tesla Science Center. This transformation will create a global research institution dedicated to advancing new technologies while preserving Nikola Tesla’s legacy and pioneering spirit. I would like to thank Executive Director Marc Alessi, Tesla’s Board of Directors, Eugene Sayan, donors and Governor Kathy Hochul for their tireless efforts, dedication and support.”

Councilor Jodi Giglio said, “Breaking ground on the new facility at the Tesla Science Center builds on the pioneering work that Nikola Tesla began many years ago. Whether it is to foster innovation or advance education, the Science Center’s continuing mission will inspire our future scientists to go beyond And beyond. I wish them the very best in their future endeavors and I look forward to seeing them develop in the future.”

Suffolk County Executive Steve Veron said, “Today marks an incredible milestone for Wardenclyffe’s Tesla Science Center as they continue their commitment to honoring and celebrating the legacy of one of history’s most influential and important inventors. We are extremely pleased to support The efforts of this institution and the important work they do supports science education and attracts visitors to Suffolk County from around the world. On behalf of all county residents, I congratulate TSCW and we look forward to many great things from your incredible organization Achievement.”

Suffolk County Legislator Sarah Anker said, “It’s exciting to see the beginning of a new chapter for the Tesla Science Center. Thank you to the board, staff and volunteers for continuing to fulfill the mission of making the center a place of learning that can be enjoyed by all.”

Brookhaven Township Supervisor Ed Romaine said, “The Tesla Science Center is one of Brookhaven’s most important historic sites, and this groundbreaking work begins the next phase of making it accessible to everyone. I am proud to support the efforts of the board and staff, who have continued to It’s been working for years to remind us of what happened here and how it changed the scientific worldview.”

Brookhaven Councilwoman Jane Bonner said, “I have supported the creation of the Tesla Science Center in Wardenclyffe since day one and I am determined to help make this a reality. Before the center was established, most residents were not even aware of Tesla’s legacy for future generations Future generations to discover. I fully support the development of this site as a museum and learning center and I look forward to being here when it opens.”

Ideally located in the heart of the Long Island Research Corridor, the Tesla Science Center in Wardenclyffe sits alongside world-renowned scientific institutions such as Brookhaven National Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and Stony Brook University, providing support for the region’s economic development. an exciting opportunity. The center is a major part of Long Island’s tourism industry, drawing visitors from around the world to learn about Tesla’s life and work. New York State investment to restore and rebuild Nikola Tesla’s historic laboratory into a world-class museum and science center will create new jobs, generate revenue streams through tourism and education, and strengthen Long Island as a center of innovation and progress status.

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