According to the MTA, officials announced on Thursday, April 27 that service information will no longer be available through all of its Twitter pages, but will instead be posted to the numerous websites, apps and other tools it offers.

The announcement comes after Twitter launched its “Twitter Blue” subscription service, which charges users for a blue verification check mark on their account.

MTA officials said in a statement that the company “does not pay technology platforms to publish service information,” but instead “builds redundant tools to provide service alerts in real time.”

Additionally, the MTA’s access to Twitter was “involuntarily interrupted” twice in the past two weeks, on Friday, April 14 and Thursday, April 27, officials said.

“The reliability of the platform can no longer be guaranteed,” an MTA official said, adding that the decision was effective immediately.

To find service reminders, commuters can now use the following tools:

Officials also said service reminders are available on thousands of screens in stations, trains and buses.

Although the MTA’s Twitter accounts will no longer post alerts, they will remain active so customers can tweet with questions and seek assistance as before. These questions will continue to be answered.

this @MTA account Active branding and other messaging will also be maintained.

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