UBS Arena unveils a mouth-watering new menu in preparation for the New York Islanders’ first home playoff game in El Monte.

One of the most eye-catching items on the menu is the Playoff Punch, which comes in glowing glass bottles and comes in two flavors: a blue Electric Lemonade made with Absolut Vodka and an orange Ron made with Bacardi. Rum punch.

If you’re looking for something heartier, check out the Fresh Lobster Roll with Homemade Old Bay Kettle Fries.

For those who want to sample everything, the Playoff Party Sampler is the way to go. The platter includes an oversized Bavarian-style pretzel filled with fried cheese curds, mini corn dog bites, and served with beer cheese and mustard.

If you’re in the mood for something heartier, try Big Chicken Shaq’s The Beloved Islander. This delicious chicken sandwich is served on a blue and orange bagel and served with chips. Read it here.

As for dessert: UBS Arena serves blue and orange soft serve ice cream in a goaltender mask, a fun and delicious ice cream that pays homage to the Islanders’ team colors.

Game 3 will start at 7pm on April 21st and game 4 will return to UBS at 1pm.

Above: New fresh lobster rolls will be served at UBS Arena during the Islanders playoffs. (UBS Arena/Twitter)

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