Suffolk County Executive Steven Bellone and Senator Anthony Palumbo today announced the need for $1.5 million in new funding to allow a long-awaited project to connect 64 households in the Riverhead area affected by groundwater contamination to the public water system. The County Executive and State Senator were joined by Assemblywoman Jodi Giglio, County Legislator Al Krupski, Riverhead Town Supervisor Yvette Aguiar, representatives from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Suffolk County Water Department, homeowners and environmental advocates events.

“These homeowners have been waiting for clear answers about the cost of connecting their homes to the public water system,” Suffolk County Chief Executive Steve Bellon said“We are here today to remove any uncertainty about how this program will be paid for. With today’s announcement, we are making it clear that these families will have free access to a safe and reliable source of drinking water. It’s been a while since that day.”

The 64 homes are located in the town of Riverhead, part of a wider area south of the former U.S. Navy/Grumman Industrial Site in Calverton, where the Suffolk County Health Services Department has investigated groundwater contamination and has begun sanitizing private wells. Conduct investigations focusing on volatile organic compounds and emerging pollutants, including 1,4-dioxane and per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). A separate project to connect 64 households in the Brookhaven portion of the study area is advancing in part because of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding provided by the Town of Brookhaven.

The total cost of the project includes the price of installing the plumbing, the service lines that connect the home to the plumbing, and tap fees and surcharges. The Town of Riverhead and the Suffolk County Water Department have been struggling to secure the grants needed to complete the estimated $10.85 million project. With the help of Senator Chuck Schumer and former Congressman Lizeldin, a total of $7.35 in federal funding was secured. The Suffolk County Water Board recently approved a policy authorizing credits to homeowners that will reduce project costs by $2.41 million, leaving a funding gap of approximately $1.3 million. New $1.5 million in ARPA funding from the Suffolk County Water Infrastructure Fund will ensure the project is fully funded and completed at no cost to homeowners.

“When it comes to solving water quality issues, our goal is always to provide homeowners with simple and affordable solutions,” County Executive Veron said. “By working with our partners in federal, state and local government, and utilizing contributions from the County’s Water Infrastructure Fund, we will successfully provide these 64 homeowners with a reliable source of safe drinking water at no out-of-pocket cost. “

The County Executive thanked the Town of Riverhead and Suffolk County Water for their cooperation on the project and thanked Senators Schumer, Senator Palumbo and Legislator Krupski for their efforts.

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said: “This is a beautiful day in Manorville. For years I have worked with residents, advocates and the Town of Riverhead to provide federal funding for safe drinking water to families with contaminated wells in Manorville and Calverton, both directly and through bipartisan infrastructure laws $13.5 million in federal funding. Thanks to County Executive Bellone, the County Water Infrastructure Fund provided the last needed funding. I applaud Riverhead Town Supervisor Aguiar, Suffolk County Water, the State of New York and State Senator Palumbo for working with Together with the work I do to ensure safe water for these residents.”

Senator Anthony Palumbo said: “Since taking office, I have been focused on working with all stakeholders to secure the funding needed to complete this project and today’s announcement is the culmination of the hard work of many who are with us today. I am very grateful to Suffolk Executive Steve Veron and Suffolk County Water, thank them for their efforts to address this issue and for providing the additional funding needed to move forward with this vital water infrastructure project. Providing clean, reliable and safe drinking water water The residents of Suffolk remain one of my top priorities. ”

Councilwoman Jodi Giglio said: “This is great news! I thank all elected officials, the Suffolk County Water Department, the environmental community and the residents who have long advocated for connection to the public water supply for their cooperation. Clean water for drinking, cooking and bathing is a Constitution of New York State right.”

Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Basil Seggos said: “Clean water is critical to protecting the health of Long Island communities and natural resources. New York State’s ongoing and comprehensive efforts are tracking and eliminating sources of emerging and other pollutants in our environment, and DEC looks forward to continuing to work with Suffolk County Work with other state, local and federal leaders to advance actions to protect water quality and drinking water supplies.”

Lawmaker Al Krupski says: “I would like to thank the County Executive and the residents of Manorville for their responsiveness to the need for clean water. I would also like to thank the Suffolk County Health Department for their professional service in all of their water sampling and testing throughout the process.”

Riverhead Town Supervisor Yvette Aguiar said: “I applaud County Executive Steve Veron and his team for partnering with the Town of Riverhead and the Suffolk County Water Department on this public health effort that has been going on for decades. Last year, when I asked Steve Asked for help, he replied: “I’ll do my best. “Today, the task is accomplished!”

Suffolk County Health Services Commissioner Dr. Gregson H. Pigott said: “Suffolk sanitary Code has a long-term policy promote extension people water, especially in disaster-affected areas in need such as Manorville.Supported by Suffolk County Health Services people water supply postponed for many years Several private well surveys and groundwater surveys in the area to help demonstrate need and protect public health.we are pleased Residents, Environmental Advocates, and Elected Officials Been trying to develop this solution. “

SCWA President Patrick Halpin said: “The Suffolk County Water Department is grateful to Suffolk County for its commitment to provide the necessary funding to complete the Riverhead portion of the 64-home Manorville project. The Town of Riverhead and residents of the affected communities are eager to see this project completed and their homes Access to quality water.”

SCWA Board Member Charles Lefkowitz explain: “There was a huge collaborative effort by different agencies to secure the funding needed to move this project forward. Senator Schumer, Senator Gillibrand and former Congressman Zeldin secured millions of dollars for this project. I would also like to thank Governor Hochul and the state for their role in providing additional funding through a bipartisan infrastructure law. These efforts, combined with today’s announcement from Suffolk County, ensured that 100% of the funds were used to connect these 64 families and Provide better drinking water for these families.”

“today’s announcement The result of years of hard work and the determination of its residents, it is an example of what a government can achieve when working together to improve its citizens,Senator Palumbo concluded.

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