Mets fans are thanking their lucky stars after the Phillies traded Sayville native Logan O’Hoppe to the American League last August.

The Los Angeles Angels’ rookie receiver hit another home run on Tuesday night, helping the Halos to a 2-0 win over Washington and another win for two-way superstar Shohei Ohtani. He also caught the Angels’ combo single, with starter Ohtani hitting seven home runs.

Ohope’s team-leading fourth home run of the season came in the sixth. His laser beam shoots out at 104 mph and flies over the wall at center left.

After his smash, Ohope was celebrated in the Angels dugout and donned the team’s kabuto — a home run cap inspired by feudal-era Japanese samurai once worn helmet.

Ohope led Los Angeles in home runs. He also has the team’s most RBIs with 10. Those distinctions matter even early in the season, with Ohtani and future Hall of Famer Mike Trout in the lineup.

Ohope went 1-for-3 with a home run to boost his batting average to .258. Ohtani is now 2-0 up by a slim margin of 0.47.

‘Shotime’ loves his new catcher

This is what Ohtani had to say about his receiver: “Simply put, he’s great.”

Ohope’s fourth home run

The Sewell native’s fourth homer was a no-brainer.

Above: Logan Ohope enters the Angels bench after hitting a home run in the sixth inning of Los Angeles’ 2-0 win over Washington on Tuesday. (Source: Instagram/Los Angeles Angels)

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