A man arrested after trying to defraud an elderly woman of $10,000 with the help of a female accomplice was arrested in a sting operation launched by Suffolk County Police.

Suffolk police arrest man who tried to defraud elderly woman of $10,000 yesterday.

A 79-year-old woman stopped Fifth Precinct Sheriff Christopher Rajopo, who was on routine business patrolled around 1:30pm and told him she was on the phone with a man Contacted her by email the night before to say there was an allegedly fraudulent PayPal charge on her account, and She was instructed to withdraw $10,000 in cash from her bank account. Believe it’s a hoax, Sarge. Racioppo escorted her to her bank in Patchogue, made sure she hadn’t lost any money, and went to The Fifth Precinct further investigated.

5th Precinct Anti-Crime Team, Crime Section Officers and Financial Crime Detectives set up a trap Operation, together with Sgt. Racioppo, who kept the suspect’s phone open and arranged a meeting with the suspect He tracked down the suspect at a local 7-Eleven, where the suspect arrived in a Mercedes SUV and identified himself.The following

After investigation, he was arrested together with a female suspect who was a passenger in the Mercedes.

Lin Taidong, 46, of Flushing was charged with third-degree attempted grand larceny and criminal Possesses a Class 7 controlled substance.Lin Xiuying, 36, of Flushing charged Class 7 Illegal Possession of a Controlled Substance.

Lin Taidong spent the night in the 5th Precinct, scheduled for arraignment in the 1st Precinct Court on April 15 in Central Islip.Lin Xiuying was fined for appearing in court and will be fined He was arraigned on 4 May.

Investigation continues.Anyone with more info or thinks they might have become a victim, please contact Financial Crimes Detectives at 631-852-6821.

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