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UnclaimedFunds.com brings together a massive database of easily searchable unclaimed funds.

Long Island Residents: Have you checked for unclaimed funds lately?

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Please rest assured that if you are not familiar with “unclaimed funds’, you’re not alone. In fact, 7 in 10 have never heard of them before. Surprisingly, 1 in 4 actually have unclaimed funds owed to them. But unclaimed What exactly are the funds? They refer to assets such as cash, gift cards, and stocks that have been neglected or forgotten and have been sent to the state for safekeeping. This process is called forfeiture, and each state has its own unique laws governing it Disposal and recovery of these assets. Nationwide, states hold more than $100 billion in unclaimed funds owed to individuals and corporations.

If you’ve ever wondered if you or someone you know has unclaimed funds, you’re in luck. UnclaimedFunds.com Compiled an extensive searchable database of unclaimed funds. Search for free using just first name, last name and state. If you find a claim, you can submit an online claim request in seconds. in several states, UnclaimedFunds.com We’ll even send you a custom claim form with instructions to fill out right away!Recovering Unclaimed Funds Made Easy UnclaimedFunds.com, as they take the lead in following up the country on your behalf. When funds are recovered, UnclaimedFunds.com will send proceeds directly to you.

Plus, UnclaimedFunds.com only charges when your funds are recovered, so there are never any out-of-pocket fees. Don’t hesitate to search yourself, your family and friends, and your local businesses today.worth the time to go Check if you have unclaimed funds owed to you!

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