LaLota’s amendment secures current legal and regulatory constraints as it relates to oil and gas development in the North Atlantic Planning Area of ​​the Outer Continental Shelf, which lies in the…

Washington DC – Today, January 27, 2023, the House of Representatives passed Human Resources 21, Strategic Production Response. The passage of the bill follows bipartisan approval in the House of Representatives Rep. Nick Lalotta (NY-01) Amendments to HR 21. Lalotta’s amendment was made by Rep. Andrew Gabarino (NY-02), Anthony Desposito (NY-04), Jeff Vanderloo (NJ-02), Chris Smith (NJ-04)and Tom Keene (NJ-07).

La Lota’s amendment ensures that the House’s preference for increasing U.S. energy production and reducing reliance on our nation’s adversaries will not overturn any existing drilling bans in offshore waters from New Jersey to Maine.

To read the full text of the amendment, click here. To watch LaLota speak in support of his amendment, click here.

“I believe in replenishing the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and ensuring America’s energy independence, but I don’t think we should be drilling off the coast of Long Island. I’m proud that my common-sense amendment to protect Long Island’s waters passed the House with bipartisan support passed unanimously,” Lalotta says“I am committed to protecting Long Island’s waters, which are home to vibrant ecosystems and the foundation of an already struggling fishery. My amendments are pro-energy, pro-workers, pro-fisheries and pro-Long Island,” I thank my colleagues from both parties for their support.”

“While I believe domestic energy production is critical to both America’s economic prosperity and our national security interests, I have long opposed offshore drilling off the coast of Long Island,” Gabarino said. “Our waters and beaches are Long Island’s greatest natural resource, and I am committed to keeping them safe for future generations of recreation, fishing and wildlife use. I voted to protect Long Island’s waters from drilling while in the New York State Legislature. An amendment that we can ensure continues to prohibit oil and gas leasing in the waters surrounding Long Island. I am pleased that on behalf of LaLota, D’Esposito, Van Drew, Smith, Kean and I were able to secure this amendment into HR 21 and I thank the House Colleagues support this measure.”

“Protecting Long Island’s unique aquatic environment from any attempt to relax restrictions on oil and gas drilling in nearby federal waters is critical,” Desposito says“I look forward to working with my Congressional colleagues from Long Island as we seek to build America’s energy independence in a sustainable, environmentally conscious manner that protects our communities’ shores.”

“Ensuring that our Strategic Petroleum Reserve is not partisan is common-sense policy,” Van Drew says“At the same time, I’m proud of the work my colleagues and I have done to ensure that any plan that emerges from this legislation will not allow offshore drilling off the coast of New Jersey. From the State Senate to the U.S. Congress, I have vowed to Offshore drilling will never be allowed off our shores. Today, I made good on my promise.”

“this Strategic Production Response (SPRA) will help restore America’s energy independence and ensure that our Strategic Petroleum Reserve is not depleted for political purposes,” smith says“Fortunately, the House of Representatives passed our amendment ensuring that SPRA does not jeopardize our long-standing and successful effort to ban drilling on the Jersey Shore. This important amendment will protect our efforts to protect our beaches, tourism, marine life and fisheries from the threat of a catastrophic oil spill.”

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