Nassau County’s Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center is exhibiting “300 Years of Jewish Enterprise,” highlighting the historical success of Jewish businesses on Long Island, featuring more than 100 artifacts and photographs…

The Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center in Nassau County is currently presenting an exhibit titled “300 Years of Jewish Enterprise,” which showcases the intergenerational success of Long Island Jewish businesses. More than 100 artifacts and photographs from more than 60 Long Island businesses are on display, highlighting the historical significance of Long Island Jewish businesses.

Brad Kolodney, president of the Long Island Jewish Historical Society, explained that the exhibit aims to shed light on Long Island’s neglected Jewish history, as many Jews moved to Long Island from the crowded Lower East Side in search of a better life. living conditions and job opportunities.

The exhibit features a variety of artifacts, including ice picks, pliers and saws from Amityville’s first ice maker in the 1890s, a 13-foot sign from Old Lang’s shoe store in 1937, and a menu from a restaurant in St. James. Can keep you full. The exhibition also highlights the story of a smuggler in Glen Cove who owned a liquor store and started making and selling alcohol illegally after the passage of Prohibition.

The exhibit offers visitors the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of how Jews thrived on Long Island before, during and after the Holocaust. Museum spokeswoman Dana Arschin said visitors can explore the horror and history of the Holocaust, then end on an uplifting note by learning about Jewish success on Long Island.

The exhibit is open to the public until September, for more information visit

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