The work zone speed monitoring pilot program launched April 17, building on efforts to enhance safe driving in work zones and protect the lives of highway workers.

Governor Kathy Hochul announced that the state will officially observe National Workspace Awareness Week from April 17 to April 21 as the construction season begins. The theme for 2023 is “You Play a Role in Work Zone Safety. Work With Us!” As part of a commemoration aimed at protecting highway workers, an initiative to help enforce speed limits in highway construction and maintenance work zones The Automated Work Zone Speed ​​Monitoring Pilot Program will officially launch April 17, a joint initiative of the New York State Department of Transportation and the New York State Thruway Authority, which builds on ongoing efforts to better protect highway workers. A total of 30 speed monitoring systems relying on RADAR technology will be located in active work zones along New York State Thruways – 20 on NYSDOT-maintained roads and 10 on NYS Thruways.

“As we officially begin New York’s construction season and National Work Zone Awareness Week, I thank highway workers across the state for risking their lives to maintain and improve the roads we rely on every day,” Governor Hochul said. “This new pilot program will help encourage safe driving habits in highway work zones and protect the lives of those who help maintain a safe and reliable highway system.”

Work zone speeding violations have increased in New York state in recent years, resulting in the injury of many highway workers and the deaths of several state government and contractor personnel. By launching the program during National Workspace Awareness Week, an annual event recognized by the Federal Highway Administration since 2000, the state is further emphasizing the need for safe driving during construction, maintenance and emergency operations along highways importance.

Automated Workspace Velocity Monitoring Pilot Program and Campaign

The automated work zone speed monitoring pilot program was established by legislation Gov. Hochul signed into law. Speeding drivers will receive liability warning notices for the first 30 days of the pilot, with actual notices to follow 30 days after the initial rollout. The program’s technical operator was selected following a competitive bidding process. Under the scheme, all vehicles caught violating posted speed limits in work zones exceeding established thresholds will be fined. The license plate images and speed data collected will be sent to NYSDOT and highways within one week, and violation fines will be issued by mail to the vehicle’s registered owner. Vehicle owners who are New York State residents will be notified by mail within 14 business days of the violation, and vehicle owners who live outside New York State will be notified within 45 days. No image of the driver or the contents of the vehicle will be recorded.

Fines through the pilot scheme will be issued as follows:

  1. $50 for first violation

  2. $75 for second violation

  3. $100 fine for third and subsequent violations within 18 months of first violation

Failure to pay fines may result in vehicle registration suspension and drivers will not be able to renew their registration without first paying the fine. Owners may dispute violations within 30 days of notification. As required by law, 60 percent of the funds raised by NYSDOT and the Highway Authority through this program will be used to supplement work zone safety programs.

The State Department of Transportation and the Highway Administration have also launched a comprehensive public awareness campaign, including various advertising and social media opportunities for drivers across the state. The campaign will use billboard advertising, radio and streaming broadcasts, Waze and more to highlight the new program and improve motorists’ compliance with traffic safety laws in highway work zones.More information on the pilot program can be found at here.

Operation Hardhat

During National Workspace Awareness Week, April 17-April 21, 2023, state police will also crack down on workspace violations as part of the ongoing Operation Hard Hat program, which highlights safe driving habits Importance in active construction and maintenance work areas across the state. New York State Department of Transportation and Highway Administration employees will dress as highway maintenance workers at an active highway work area on a New York State highway where state Department of Transportation and Highway Administration employees will be performing repair and construction activities . DOT, the State Police and the Highway Administration plan to conduct additional raids in construction zones across the state for the remainder of the construction season, which typically ends in October.

Officers will be deployed in the work zone to identify motorists who disobey signaled officers, speed through the work zone or violate the state’s Turnover Law that applies to emergency vehicles and repair vehicles. A total of 3,062 tickets were sold in 2022 release During the Operation Hardhat Details period, the total of 2,336 fines issued in 2021 was exceeded.

landmark lighting

Landmarks lit up in honor of Go Orange Day include:

  • Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge

  • Kosciuszko Bridge

  • H. Carl McCall SUNY Building

  • National Education Building

  • Alfred E. Smith State Office Building

  • Niagara Waterfall

  • empire square

  • The World Trade Center

  • State Fairgrounds – Main Entrance and Expo Center

  • Albany International Airport Gateway

  • MTA LIRR – Penn Station East End Gateway

  • Fairport Elevator Bridge over the Erie Canal

  • Moynihan Train Hall

New York State Department of Transportation Commissioner Marie Therese Dominguez said, “The men and women who work in highway construction and maintenance workspaces are noble public servants who enable the rest of us to safely travel to our destinations in New York State. As someone who regularly drives our state’s roads, I value their contribution, I appreciate them, but everyone has a responsibility to keep our highway maintenance workers safe. Drivers need to drive their vehicles at a safe speed and know that speed limits will be enforced because lives depend on it – yours and theirs .This new initiative, launched during National Workspace Awareness Week, will give us the tools to better monitor violations in construction and maintenance workspaces and remind us all of the need to slow down and put down our phones everyone, Be vigilant.”

New York State Thruway Authority Interim Executive Director Frank G. Hoare said, “Maintenance crews work every day just inches from high-speed traffic and put themselves at risk to keep the roads safe for all drivers. It is everyone’s responsibility to slow down and take care when driving in work zones to maintain These women and men are safe. Work zone speed cameras are another tool in the toolbox to keep our employees and customers safe and I truly believe lives will be saved as a result.”

New York State Police Commissioner Steven A. Nigrelli said, “Our highway and construction workers put themselves at risk every day as they work to improve our nation’s roads. It is our responsibility to pay attention to the rules of the road and to slow down as we cross construction zones to ensure safety and the safety of these workers. well-being. I urge all motorists to drive safely by obeying the stated speed limits, remaining in designated lanes, and paying attention to workers and equipment in work zones. Violations of transfer laws and trespassing into work zones will not be tolerated”

Mark JF Schroeder, Commissioner of the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles and Chairman of the Governor’s Transportation Safety Committee, said, “The safety of New York’s roads depends on all of us doing our part to follow the rules of the road and be aware of everyone around us, most importantly the men and women who repair and maintain these roads every day. Failure to follow the rules risks being unpaid for work suspend vehicle registration renewals due to regional fines, and risk motorists needlessly putting themselves and others at risk.”

Mary E. Sullivan, President of the Civil Service Employees Association said, “Our union actively encourages drivers to be vigilant, aware of their surroundings and exercise caution when driving in work zones. We all play a role in work zone safety. Too many of our union members have died or been seriously injured on the job due to the carelessness of drivers The gist. We share a responsibility to ensure the men and women who maintain our roads and infrastructure are respected and come home safe every day.”

Mike Elmendorf, President and CEO of United General Contractors of New York State said, “The men and women who work on roads across New York are working hard for our safety – every New Yorker has a responsibility to keep them safe as they perform this important work. They often work in dangerous conditions to ensure Their safety.” Make sure we all get home safely; all motorists have an obligation to make sure each of them gets home safely. New Yorkers need to pay attention, stay focused, slow down and move around the work zone. AGC New York State applauds the efforts of our industry, labor and public agency partners to provide awareness of the criticality of workspace safety through National Workspace Awareness Week and beyond. “

Recognizing and understanding signs to and within work zones is critical to the safety of all drivers and roadside workers. Maintenance crews across the state work every day in fast-moving traffic and know their lives depend on the vigilance, patience and caution of drivers. It is critical that motorists eliminate distractions, drive mindfully and give way to workers. As the construction season continues, maintenance and crews will continue to make repairs and improvements on the roads to ensure they are safe for motorists. All travelers should be prepared to slow down and remain vigilant when passing through work zones.

For more information on National Workspace Awareness Week, click here.

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