The City of Long Beach and the Village of Lindenhurst will each receive $4.5 million.

governor casey Hao Zhe It was announced today that the City of Long Beach and the Village of Lindenhurst will each receive $4.5 million in funding as the winners of the first round of New York’s Advance Long Island region. Building on the momentum of New York State’s successful downtown revitalization program, the $100 million NY Forward program employs the same “plan first, act later” strategy as DRI to support more equitable downtown revitalization in New York’s smaller and rural communities .Two to three awards will be awarded to smaller communities in each area as part of the first round of NY Forward smallTate’s ten economic development areas support the development and implementation of its city center revitalization plan.

“Our downtowns create a vital economic lifeline for many of our smaller communities, allowing them to thrive, thrive and reach their full potential,” Governor Hao Zhe explain. “As we continue to assist New York businesses recover from the pandemic, we are executing with NY Forward on an equitable plan to elevate our business district with the successful blueprint of our downtown revitalization plan.”

new york forward A core component of New York State’s economic development efforts, partnering with DRI to accelerate and expand the regeneration of downtown New York. NY Forward serves smaller neighborhoods with historic character, which sets them apart from the larger, more urban central business districts typically funded by DRI. NY Forward communities are walkable, low-density areas that serve nearby local communities and are more local in nature—focusing on immediate surrounding residential or rural agriculture-centric developments.

As with DRI, each NY Forward community will develop a strategic investment plan to revitalize its downtown through a series of easy-to-implement projects. As part of the NY Forward program, the State Department will provide additional technical assistance to better support smaller communities that may have lower capacity and fund programs that are appropriately scaled to the size of each community.Projects may include building renovation and reconstruction, new construction put up Or create new or improved public spaces and other items that enhance specific cultural, historical qualities, thereby enhancing town charm.

long beach

Long Beach, nicknamed “The City by the Sea,” is known for its beaches and associated boardwalk. Long Beach’s downtown includes the Park Avenue central business district, home to more than 180 businesses. The City of Long Beach seeks to enhance its downtown status as a major regional destination by expanding the city’s complete street plan to introduce new traffic calming measures and improve circulation, making its arterials more pedestrian and cyclist friendly.this City Also aims to foster transit-oriented/smart and equitable development, develop existing and new local businesses to provide quality jobs and expand the arts, while building resilient infrastructure.


The town center of Lyndenhurst Village is defined by a compact and walkable village core, which also includes several of the Village’s major open space assets and community facilities. The village’s aim is to create a healthy, thriving city center that is attractive to businesses, visitor Same as residents. A number of planning efforts have been undertaken in the Village to stimulate economic growth in the downtown area, including the creation of a Downtown Redevelopment District Float to encourage residential and mixed-use development and redevelopment at sites within walking distance of the LIRR and the Central Business District. Lindenhurst aims to build on these efforts by creating new intermodal mobility options in and around the city center, converting underutilized properties into commercial space and mixed-use developments, and investing in housing and community facility.

Secretary of State Robert J. Rodriguez said, “Inner city communities across the state are being transformed through New York’s unique ‘plan first, act later’ approach to downtown revitalization, and Long Beach and Lindenhurst are the first communities on Long Island to receive funding through our latest program, NY Forward. This Funding will help Long Beach and Lindenhurst realize their vision for a community-driven downtown revitalization and stimulate equitable economic growth for generations to come.”

Empire State Development President, CEO and Commissioner Hope Knight said, “NY Forward is a catalyst for revitalization, helping local communities create new opportunities for growth and economic prosperity. The City of Long Beach and Lindenhurst Village will benefit greatly from this funding as they work to enhance their status as a regional destination status and promote sustainable, equitable development. Not only will this bring new business to the area, it will create a healthy and thriving city center that is attractive to residents, visitors and businesses.”

Linda Long Island Regional Economic Development Council Co-Chair ArminDr. John Nader, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer of Bethpage Federal Credit Union and President of Farmingdale State University said, “LIREDC is very excited that the City of Long Beach and the Village of Lindenhurst have each been selected by NY Forward as recipients of $4.5 million. This funding will provide an important boost to small and rural communities, allowing them to create long-term Opportunities for growth – long-term growth and prosperity. Investments made through NY Forward will have a transformative impact on the economic future of these communities, and we look forward to seeing the positive changes that result.”

State Senator Monica R. Martinez said, “I applaud the Governor Hao Zhe In recognition of her unwavering commitment to providing the necessary resources the community needs to thrive. Lindenhurst Village is committed to creating a walkable, vibrant downtown that prioritizes the needs of its residents and businesses and will serve as a model for other communities to follow. I look forward to seeing New York Forward and other programs like it positively impact the state’s economy and the overall quality of life for New Yorkers. “

state senator alexis Vic explain, “I am proud to support the great Village of Lindenhurst as a recipient of the NY Forward Grant, a $4.5 million award for downtown revitalization. Mayor Mike worked, Village Trustee RJ Renna and Village Council Assistant Katie McCaffrey worked hard to gain support to bring these funds to their village.this mayor Many new family-friendly changes have been brought to the Village, such as the demolition of an abandoned building to create a Village Square Park, a gathering place for concerts, family fun and New Year’s Eve celebrations.Their goal is to possibly obtain and remove an old court Add to the small town charm that has become Lindenhurst. These funds will bring more to this charming village and certainly make it a destination. “

state senator patricia Canzoneri-Fitzpatrick says, “Long Beach has a long and storied history as a vibrant and beautiful seaside community along the Atlantic Ocean. Receiving NY Forward funding will be an important catalyst to help further revitalize the seaside city’s downtown area. I want to thank the Governor Hao Zhe Thank you for joining me in supporting the Long Beach community financially. ”

Councilor Kimberly Jean-Pierre said, “I am proud that the Village of Lindenhurst was selected as the NY Forward winner. The Village of Lindenhurst has a vibrant and walkable downtown that attracts many people to the area. The Village has worked really hard to improve and I am delighted with their efforts today Recognized. I thank the Governor Hochul Investments in our inner city neighborhoods make them an attractive place for years to come. “

MP Ali Brown said, “Long Beach, is a only Two cities on Long Island, one beautiful community, rich in diversity and history. Over the past forty years, Long Beach has truly turned things around. I remember a lot of abandoned houses and storefronts in the early 80’s. Long Beach is truly a hidden gem, but of course this funding could be used to help it transform and become a world-class beachside destination.i applaud the governor Hao Zhe Thank you for her efforts and for choosing Long Beach as one of the NY Forward recipients. “

long beach city council president john tape explain“We would like to thank the Governor Hao Zhe and the country of the investment. The thriving business district, home to 35,000 residents and a major destination for summer tourists, is key to Long Beach’s success.With this historic investment, we can now focus on Very necessary Renew our CBD to meet the needs of our residents and visitors. “

mayor of lindenhurst village michael worked explain, “The Village of Lindenhurst is delighted to receive this grant! I cannot express how excited we are for this incredible achievement. I would like to thank Katie McCaffrey and RJ Rayner all their hard work. My special thanks go to Ms. McCaffrey, who spearheaded and presented this initiative and helped further the Village’s commitment to the ongoing downtown revitalization! This is truly a centennial historic event for us, and we look forward to the next 100 years. “

The Long Island Regional Economic Development Council conducted a thorough and competitive review of proposals submitted by communities throughout the region and considered the following criteria before recommending those communities as nominees:

A city center should be compact, with well-defined boundaries, including the ability of the city center to take advantage of previous or facilitate future private and public investment in the community and its surrounding areas, recent or imminent job growth in or near the city center that can attract workers To support regeneration and sustainable growth in the city center, the city center must be an attractive and liveable community for people of all ages, incomes, genders, identities, abilities, mobility and cultural backgrounds.

In addition, municipalities should have accepted or able Development and implementation of policies to enhance liveability and quality of life, and an open and robust community engagement process leading to a downtown revitalization vision and an initial list of projects and initiatives that may be included in the Strategic Investment Plan. The boundary also includes transformational projects that the municipality has determined will be ready to implement in the near term following infusion of New York Forward Fund, and that the municipality has local capacity to manage the project planning process and implementation, including the ability to monitor contract approvals for municipal projects.

Long Beach and Lindenhurst will now begin developing strategic investment plans to revitalize their downtowns. Local planning committees comprising council representatives, community leaders and other stakeholders will lead these efforts, supported by private sector experts and a team of state planners. The Strategic Investment Plan will review local assets and opportunities to identify projects that fit each community’s vision and are ready for implementation. Funding will be provided to projects selected from the Strategic Investment Program that have the greatest potential to jump-start revitalization and create new opportunities for long-term growth.

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