Governor Hochul Announces All SNAP Families Will Receive At Least Maximum Level of Food Benefit Benefits in January Monthly Supplemental Food Payments Will End After February Payments

Governor Kathy Hochul announced today that all New Yorkers participating in the Assistance Program_Nutrition Supplement will receive the highest allowable level of food benefits in January. Every family participating in the Assistance Program_Nutrition Supplement, including those already on the highest benefit level, will receive a supplemental stipend in Eastern Month, which will result in approximately $234 million in federal funding injected into the New York State economy.

“These benefits were temporary and they helped hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers avoid food insecurity at a time when so many were struggling with reduced budgets,” Governor Hochul said. “Aid works by helping families and individuals Put healthy and nutritious food on the table, help New York recover from the pandemic, and toast to the relief New Yorkers desperately need.”

The Emergency Assistance Grant will be provided to all families receiving SNAP benefits, a federally funded program overseen by the New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance. Everyone in the household, including those already receiving the maximum benefit based on family size and those previously receiving less than $95 a month, will receive at least $95.

OTDA began issuing emergency supplements in April 2020 to SNAP households receiving less than the maximum monthly benefit amount. As the New York State emergency declaration expires in June 2021, the agency continues to work with the federal government to ensure maximum allocations to all SNAP households through February.

OTDA began providing an Emergency Supplement of Benefits in April 2020 to SNAP families receiving less than the maximum monthly benefit amount. When the New York State emergency declaration expires in June 2021, the agency successfully worked with the federal government to ensure maximum distribution for all households with SNAP until the federal public health emergency declaration expires, which has been extended to 1 will allow OTDA to continue paying these benefits through February.

The recently approved federal spending bill ended the temporary emergency mandate and they issued the February payment supplement. Beginning in March, _SNAP recipients will receive benefits on a regular monthly basis only. For more information, visit

New Yorkers continue to rely primarily on SNAP, with more than 1.6 million households, including more than 2.8 million New Yorkers, with all conditions set out in the November plan. While SNAP recipients across the state remained steady compared to October, they increased 2.1% compared to November 2021, underscoring the continued need for these key benefits.

New York State Interim and Disability Assistance Commissioner Daniel W. Tietz said, “SNAP is an effective tool for addressing food insecurity, and these monthly supplements are having a huge impact on New Yorkers in need during the pandemic and their consequences. Immediate results. The additional SNAP benefits to these benefits are invaluable in ensuring individuals and families can better cope with the increased cost of food and get the food they need.”

Representative Adriano Espaillat said, “Governor Hochul’s announcement today of additional food assistance from SNAP for _participating families_ is a victory and reinforcement for domestic workers.

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