Nassau County District Attorney Anne T. Donnelly announced that on Tuesday, April 25, 67-year-old Manhasset resident Alfred DiGirolomo, Jr. ) was arraigned for allegedly practicing law without authorization and stealing thousands of dollars from his clients.

This isn’t the first time DiGirolomo has been arraigned — he was jailed on similar charges in March 2021.

DiGirolomo was disbarred from practicing law effective April 4, 2019.

However, prosecutors allege, between April 2019 and February 2021, that didn’t stop him from continuing to work with a client who hired him in 2016 to represent him in a civil case.

After he was disbarred, DiGirolomo ordered clients to pay attorneys’ fees totaling $10,000, according to the allegations.

Prosecutors said DiGirolomo then falsely claimed he was able to negotiate a settlement to resolve the civil matter and that the client was the defendant.

The client offered DiGirolomo $11,500, which he believed would resolve the civil dispute.

In July 2022, the client reportedly received a notice of absence from the court that his case had not been resolved and that DiGirolomo had failed to show up for multiple of his scheduled court dates.

DiGirolomo previously pleaded guilty to multiple counts of grand larceny in April 2019.

He stole $675,000 from one client (a married couple) and $230,000 from a second client.

At the time, the former lawyer had already been sentenced to between one and one-third and four years in prison.

His most recent arraignment was based on the following allegations:

  • Third Degree Grand Theft
  • Legal practice for attorneys who have been disbarred, suspended, or convicted of felonies

If convicted, he faces two years and one-third to seven years in prison.

DiGirolomo pleaded not guilty and will return to court on Thursday, April 27.

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