Customers use a giant coin to get their vehicle back.

Carvana, a used car seller that makes it easy for people to buy a car from their phone from their couch websitelaunched the first car vending machine on Long Island.

Can you put a quarter in the slot and pop a used car out like chewing gum?

Well, not exactly. Garden City’s massive steel and glass structure stands eight stories high and can house up to 27 cars, which are then handed out to customers on the spot after you buy a car online. But based on the company’s description of how it works, the machine does sound like an interesting experience.

“Should customers opt for the vending machine, they will be greeted by a customer advocate upon arrival and receive a commemorative oversized Carvana coin to activate the vending process,” the company described in a press release. Carvana customers can sit in the front row and watch their new vehicle purchases pass through the brightly lit vending structure from the center of the all-glass tower.”

This is the company’s first vending machine in New York State and the 35th Carvana vending machine in the United States at 2 North Avenue, Garden City. Hours of operation are 9am to 7pm, Monday to Sunday.

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